Beware! Spring Shed Is Upon Us.

Have you noticed your eyelashes starting to fall out? If so, don’t freak out! It’s completely normal! Seasonal lash shedding, otherwise known as “spring shed”,  is our bodies way of preparing for warmer weather and the lack of humidity. So what are some ways you can combat this dreading event? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

Cleanse Your Lashes

Cleansing your lashes is crucial during “spring shed” season. Why? If you’re prone to allergies, then you’re more likely to be vulnerable to getting buildup in your lashes. So if you combine allergy buildup on top of excess oil production, then you’ll end up with clogged follicles. This adds stress on your lashes, which then causes them to fall off. This is why it’s super important to cleanse your lashes more than usual so you can make your lashes last just a bit longer!

Fills Are Your BFF

An obvious way to combat “spring shed” is coming in for regular fills every other week. Although there is no cure to “spring shed”, there is a way around it. Our babes know that the struggle is SO REAL when it comes to this season, but we can work through it together! As long as you’re upkeeping with your fills, then you’ll ride it out just fine!

If you need to book a lash fill, our pricing can be found here.

Do NOT Pull Your Lashes

We know that seeing lashes all over your clothes can spark some curiosity to pull off your lashes to see if more will fall off, but please, for the love of lashes, DON’T! Pulling off your lashes will not only ruin your set, but it can also cause bald spots in your lashes and sometimes, your lashes won’t grow back or can grow awkwardly. So if you notice your lashes falling off, just let ‘em be.

This Won’t Last Forever!

We know that lashes can be pricey and “spring shed” can cause a hole in your pocket, since you have to get fills more often, but don’t worry! It only lasts around 6 weeks. So it won’t last forever. If you’re experiencing lash loss, don’t freak out! You’ll be just fine if you just follow our tips 🙂

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