How To Prepare For Your Lash Appointment

So you want to get lash extensions? Awesome! They’re a beautiful and natural way to intensify your natural beauty when wearing little to no makeup and enhances your natural lashes.

But BEFORE you come in for your appointment, here are some recommendations to ensure your appointment goes smoothly. But don’t worry! It’s not as scary or overwhelming as it seems!

No Makeup!

We know ☹ But this is for your own good, trust us! Lash extensions MUST be applied to bare and clean lashes in order for the glue to fully stick on.  So please no mascara or mascara leftovers because it can REALLY cut into your lash time!

Mascara takes about 20 minutes, or more, to clean up and it comes from YOUR appointment time. Unfortunately, many of our previous clients have complained about their lashes not being 100% full but this is due to them having mascara on their lashes and it cutting into their appointment time. Please be respectful of our other client appointments. We are VERY strict on time and make sure we are on schedule so we can help all of our clients in a timely manner! So please, we cannot stress this enough, do NOT come in with any type of eye makeup or makeup around your eyes.

Also, do not curl your lashes or wear strip lashes before your appointment. For best results, come in with a bare face, no lashes or makeup around your eyes. Have them natural, clean, and free.

No Caffeine!

Before you come in for your lashing, please do not drink caffeine or take stimulants, such as “5 Hour Energy”, up to 4 HOURS before your appointment. Believe it or not, caffeine makes you lash appointment less enjoyable! Since caffeine keeps you awake and energized, you’ll be less relaxed and it makes your lashes flutter (not in a good way) which makes your lashing much more difficult to apply and results in a less-perfect set. So save the latte for later, ladies!

No Chit-Chat!

It’s nothing personal, we promise! We ♥ our clients but we just prefer if you don’t talk during your lash appointment so you don’t end up with a bruised eyeball, a chemical burn, or your lashes not looking so good.

Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty dangerous to be talking during your lashing appointment! So just lay down and relax! However, you’re more than welcome to chit-chat with your lash babe before or after the lash appointment! We ♥ our clients which is why we look out for you!

Come In Early!

Although we all have different schedules and have to beat the crazy LA traffic, it’s highly recommended to come in about 5-10 minutes before your lash appointment in order to fill out your consultation form and get comfy in our cute and relaxing spa!  Plus, if you’re lucky one of our lash babes will be running early and can take you in early for your appointment!

Do You Live In LA?

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