Lash Care: Summer Edition

Ahhh summer.. Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, nights get longer, and best of all… School is out! And what better way to enjoy summer with the perfect set of wispy and lengthy lashes?  But with the crazy Cali weather, high humidity, and the beaming sun, it’s important to be extra mindful of lash care.

So if you’re looking to rock the perfect set of lashes this summer for that effortless summer look, here are a few tips to keep in mind so your lashes last!


Lounging by the beach or pool is the ideal way to cool down and enjoy the summer! And with lash extensions, there’s no need to worry about your mascara or eyeshadow smudging after your relaxing dip in the water.

But it’s best to NOT get your lashes wet or sweaty within the first  24 hours of getting your lashes, especially in humid weather. So give them a FULL 24 hours so they could bond properly so you have no problems with your newly applied lashes. Also, since chlorine and salt water can have an effect on lash retention, it’s best to wear goggles in the water or, if you’re not into wearing goggles, fully rinsing your lashes with water after your swim. (Don’t let chlorine dry on your lashes since it can eat away the glue!)

Hands Off!

No matter how bad the temptation is to pick or pull at your lashes, DON’T do it! We understand that lashes can get irritating at times and you feel the need to rub your eye because sweat or sand got in your eye but rubbing or pulling can damage your lashes immensely. What is best to do in those situations is rinsing your eye out with water or having someone blow into your eye.


Summer is the time to enjoy the palm trees, the ocean breeze, and fun adventures with friends, so make it the best one yet! Just keep up a healthy and careful lash routine all summer long so your lashes can look their best!

Have Fun!

Bonfires are the perfect way to spend your summer nights but, just like any other kind of hair, your lash extensions can singe! Try to keep a distance from the fire just to be safe because if it’s too hot for your natural hair, it’s too hot for your lash extensions.

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