• Lashes Falling Out in the Fall? Brace Yourselves For The Fall Lash Shed

Lashes Falling Out in the Fall? Brace Yourselves For The Fall Lash Shed

You can typically go almost a month between lash fills, but as soon as Starbucks brought out they PSL you’re barely making it two weeks between fills! Well, it’s not the PSL. It’s the “Fall Shed”. No one really knows why hair, including lashes, fall out or “shed” during the fall, they just do. A UK study reveals that women shed hair naturally during fall.

Vitamins for Optimal Hair & Lash Growth

Think about it, when it comes to survival, your hair is not the most important thing to your body. Therefore, if you are lacking certain vitamins, your body will use those vitamins mainly on the organs that are needed to survive instead of your lashes.

Vitamins needed for healthy hair growth are Omega-3, Zinc, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Iron, and Vitamin D. Be sure that you are internally healthy to ensure your hair is healthy as well.

What is Seasonal Eyelash Shedding?

Seasonal shedding happens around springtime and fall/winter. You’ll probably be booking more appointments than necessary with your lash babe. That is normal!

Other Reasons Your Lashes Might Be Falling Out

We can’t always put the blame the spring & fall shed, sometimes it’s you! Be sure that:

  • You cleanse your lashes (we have THE BEST cleanser in store)

  • Sleep on your back. If you like to roll around while you sleep, consider a sleeping beauty mask

  • Gently brush your lashes for the best effects

  • Stay away from heat. Saunas, showers, cooking

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