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Top 3 Ways To Care For Lash Extensions

At My Little Beautique Lash & Brow, our goal is to provide information on how to best care for them so that your lashes always look flawless and most all, that you are happy and love them! It’s no secret that quality lash extensions can be costly, and if you don’t have a Kim Kardashian budget, the last thing you want is for your lashes to fall out in clumps or for them to get damaged! So to ensure that you can enjoy your fabulous new lashes for as long as possible, here are the best 3 ways to care for your lash extensions!

Give Your Lashes A Little — OK, A Lot — Of TLC!

The best way to care for and keep your lash extensions as clean as possible is by using a lash extension safe cleanser. You can find gentle, oil-free and alcohol-free eye makeup removers online or at your local beauty store that has the same pH balance as natural tears and come in a liquid or gel formula! We recommend applying the lash cleanser to a cotton pad for cleaning your eye area to remove makeup and eyeshadow. However, be sure to saturate the cotton pad first because the dry cotton could catch onto your lashes and removing the cotton from your lashes is very frustrating! So very gently rub your eyelid and avoid rubbing your lashes and when you need to clean your lashes, use your lash wand and gently brush through your lashes.

Sleep On Your Back

We get that this might sound like a crazy request (unless you already sleep on your back), but it’s really important to do so directly following your lash application because the glue takes a while to dry fully and sleeping on your lashes can result in crimped and kinked lashes. After a night or two, resume your normal sleeping position. So make it a point to count sheep with your face to the ceiling for the first few nights following your lash extension appointment.

No Mascara! (We Know ☹)

The beauty of lash extensions is that you have lovely, long, full lashes without having to wear mascara. However, we know that some ladies may still want to wear mascara on occasion, and that’s completely okay! But you have to make sure it’s a mascara made for lash extensions. On the other hand, wearing no mascara at all is a lot better when it comes to extending the life of your lash extensions. So if you want to wear mascara, be sure to ONLY wear a water-based mascara, which isn’t the same as a waterproof mascara, and when applying your lash extension mascara, only use one coat and only apply to the tips of your lashes!

So there you have it! These are the best 3 ways to make your lash extensions healthy and last a bit longer than normal. Now that you know what to do and what not to do to ensure gorgeous, full, and long-lasting lashes, go bat your beautiful eyes and enjoy your gorgeous eyelash extensions!

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