Top 4 LA Lash Trends You’ve Got to Try!

Everybody’s trying lash extensions now that there are SO many gorgeous styles out there that we just can’t keep up with! But no need to worry, we’ve got the hottest LA lash extensions trends going on right now so you can rock them yourself! From cat-eye to doll-eye and everything in between, we’ve laid out the top 4 to try out this season.

Doll Style Lashes

The doll lash trend gives your eyes a more “open” and wider appearance while giving your lashes an oomph look. This is a huge trend in the beauty community since stars like Kylie Jenner and, bestie, Jordyn Woods get this look and it leaves us shook every time. Doll lashes are seen on almost every celebrity and it’s mostly due to the fact that they really give you that “doll eye” look.  However, if your eyes are more round or protrude, the doll eye style isn’t recommended, since it can give your eyes a surprised, wide-eyed, or alarmed appearance.

Cat-Eye Style Lashes

Many of us have heard the term “cat-eye” in the beauty community. That slender shape and outline is a look that almost everyone wants to achieve – there’s just something about those feline eyes! The cat-eye lash look consists of starting with shorter lashes in the inner corner of the eye while the length builds up as you get closer to the outer corner. The cat-eye is one of the most dramatic and exotic looks when it comes to makeup and lashes, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Natural, Flirty Style Lashes

You can never go wrong with staying natural! In fact, natural, flirty lashes have been making a comeback recently. The look follows your natural lash line and gets longer towards the end of your outer corner. Also, the lashes add a slight amount of length and thickness to your natural lashes. This look is perfect for those who want to add volume to their lashes but keep it low-key at the same time. It looks great on every eye shape!


lash-extensions-in- LA

Wispy Staggered Lashes

Staggered lashes are applied by mixing long and short lashes in order to give a full and thick look. J.Lo and Kim Kardashian have been seen with this beautiful look many times! Unlike the cat-eye and doll look, wispy staggered lashes have no area that has longer lashes. Instead, there are graduated spikes of lashes to give that voluminous look with dense natural lashes. People with plenty of natural lashes will totally rock this look since you need density to avoid a messy lash appearance.

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