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What To Look For In A Los Angeles Lash Stylist

As professional lash stylists, we’ve seen clients desperately come in for a lash fix up because their old lash stylist did a horrifying job. This is why it’s crucial to do your research on the best lash stylists regardless of the cost; because in the end, if you received a cheap lash job and need to visit a new lash stylist for a fix, it’ll end up costing way more than you paid initially.

So, here are a few tips we can provide you with before choosing the best lash extension deal you can over a quality and professional lash stylist that provides the best results.

Do Your Research

Research is crucial when it comes to choosing a new lash stylist, especially when you’re interested in volume. Volume lashing is not a type of lash, but a very meticulous technique and, if not done correctly, it can be very noticeable that the lash stylist is not experienced.

An experienced stylist will perfectly isolate one natural lash and carefully apply a handmade bouquet of thin diameter lashes to customize the perfect weight for every single natural lash for that full and voluminous look. Inexperienced lash stylists will either use a premade bouquet and place it like a classic lash, which causes the premade bouquet to not stick. Then you have inexperienced lash stylists who glue so many lashes together that cause lashes to be stuck onto each other, which results in clumpy lashes.

Choose A Master Lash Stylist

Many people choose an apprentice lash stylists over a master lash stylist because of cheaper pricing. Sure an apprentice lash stylist charges less than a master lash stylist, but keep in mind that this person is LEARNING and IN TRAINING. So not only will this person be practicing on you, but the application process will also take longer than normal. We’re not saying that apprentices are bad because we’ve been apprentices before becoming master lash stylists, but choosing a master lash stylist to do your lashes is a faster process, more professional, and safer.

Compare Pricing

Familiarize yourself with standard rates in your area. Sure, we ALL love deals and low prices, but when choosing lash stylists, be aware of WHY the prices are so low. For example, if a new stylist is running a promotion, ask if they are still in training. If they’re not, ask for quality photos of their previous work and client reviews. If they can’t provide you with those two things, please move on! Professional and trusted lash stylists won’t have any problem doing so.

Ask How Long Service Typically Takes

Typically,  a full set of classic eyelash extensions takes around two hours to complete. For a full set of volume lash extensions, it typically takes around two and a half to three hours to complete. Although every lash stylist has a different skill level, a professional and experienced lash stylist should stay within the typical timeframe.

It’s heartbreaking to see clients coming in with a horrible lash job because it causes us to remove the lashes and apply a new set, which ends up costing more than the initial job. So if you plan on choosing a new lash stylist, please compare their pricing, review their work and client reviews, and please ask questions! It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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