What’s Spring Shed & How To Battle Through It

“Spring shed” is the process of our bodies preparing for the coming warmth and lack of humidity in the Summer, which results in increased hair loss. The body also increases oil production to keep the hair and skin hydrated and prepare for the seasonal change. However, this doesn’t just happen to our lashes; it happens to the hair on our head as well. There’s really nothing you can really do to prevent “Spring shed” from happening because it does happen to everyone, however, there are ways to get around it. So if you notice your lashes falling off, don’t panic! This is completely and humanly normal, however, there are ways to make it less dreadful. Just follow these simple steps!

Cleanse Like There’s No Tomorrow!

Cleansing is crucial for the health and longitude of your lashes but during shedding season, it’s even more crucial!

Spring is when allergies are at their peak, which increases build up in the lashes and if you add that on top of the increased oil production, you’re on the way to clogged hair follicles! Clogged hair follicles adds stress onto the lashes which results to them falling off and if you add “spring shedding” to that, girl, you’ll end up with no lashes! Imagine what a sad life that would be!

So be sure to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse in the Spring! Although you may see some lashes falling out, know that it’s completely normal.

Get Fills!

Because you’re losing more hair than usual in the Spring, make sure to upkeep with getting fills! Although there isn’t much you can do to avoid “Spring shed” from happening, you can control how much lashes you have with getting fills! Here at My Little Beautique, our fill pricing depends on which lash set you end up getting. You can go ahead and check out our pricing to see which price applies to your lash set.

Lash Spring Shed Has Got Nothing On You!

It’s incredibly important to be upkeeping with the normal aftercare routine we recommend after you get lash extensions. This is because of the rise in allergies, oil production, and other seasonal changes that can cause buildup in your lashes during the Spring. But don’t worry! “Spring shed” doesn’t last forever!

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