Why It’s Best To Not Talk During Lash Treatment

Not that many clients are aware of the dangers of talking during their lash treatment, and it’s not because we’re anti-social! It’s actually because of the health and safety issues of our clients if we allow them to chit-chat during their lash appointment. There are so many stories of lash artists poking the eyeball or leaving it bruised due to the eye pads touching the eyeball, or even worse, the eyeball having some sort of chemical burn, which isn’t pretty.

So don’t take it personal if you ask you to not talk during your lashing! It’s simply for your safety and health. Here are some other reasons why it’s best if you don’t talk during your lash appointment:

Your Lashes Can Get Unstuck (Stuck)

Since your cheeks move up and down when you talk, the eye pads can start to move as well causing your bottom lashes to get unstuck and stick to the top lashes, which looks like a hot mess! It not only causes as an inconvenience to you because your lashes can end up poking your eye or it can simply feel uncomfortable, but it also serves as an inconvenience to your lash artist since it does take time to stick the (the eye pads not lashes) lashes on again. Please keep your lash artist’s time in mind because they do have more appointments after yours and it could simply back them up.

Your Eyeball’s Cruising For A Bruisin’

If you’re talking during your lash appointment, it can cause your eyeball to get a bruise due to the pad continuously moving backwards as your cheeks move. Keep in mind that if you have a round eye base or eye bags, the eye pads automatically want to sit directly under the base of your eye, making it easier for the pads to touch your eyeball and leave it bruised. The bruise looks like a dark red line underneath the pupil area and takes about a few days to heal, depending on how dark the bruise is. If your lash artist is using tape, you could actually end up getting a cut on your eyeball, which would be way worse than a bruise!


To save the embarrassment of an eyeball bruise or cut, it’s best to not talk and let your lash artist do their thing!

Please Don’t Take It Personal!

We don’t have anything against you! We just prefer if you don’t talk during your lash appointment so these incidents don’t happen to you. There have been many cases of clients getting chemical burns or bruises due to them talking, which is why it’s best to not get lash extensions a couple of days before a special event such as prom, weddings, graduations, etc. We recommend getting lash extensions about 4-6 days before your special event so please keep that in mind if you’re planning on getting lashes for a special event.


You’re more than welcome to chit-chat with your lash artist before or after the lash appointment! We love our clients which is why we look out for you!

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